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5 Cheap PlayStation Plus Deals You Can't Miss in June 2022

PlayStation Plus is one of the PlayStation Network’s biggest draws, but its price tag can be pretty steep if you’re not careful. The good news is that there are cheap PlayStation Plus deals to be had, even in June 2022. We’ve combed through the market to find the best PlayStation Plus deals on offer so you can get all the benefits of Sony’s popular gaming service without breaking the bank.

1) PS4

  1. If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner, you know that a PS Plus subscription is required to play online multiplayer games.
  2. A PS Plus membership also entitles you to free monthly games, exclusive discounts, and early access to some demos and betas.
  3. In short, it’s well worth the money for any serious PS4 gamer.
  4. The good news is that there are always ways to get a cheap PS Plus deal.
  5. Here are five of the best cheap PS Plus deals available right now:
  6. 12-Month Subscription for $39.99 at Amazon
  7. 3-Month Subscription for $17.99 at GameStop 8. 15-Month Subscription for $59.99 at Walmart
  8. 10-Month Subscription for $29.99 at Target
  9. 3-Month Subscription with Netflix Membership Offer (usually $11 per month) for $12 per month at Best Buy 11
  10.  Annual Subscription with Hulu Membership Offer (usually $20 per year) for $14 per year at Best Buy
  11.  20% off Monthly Plan at Dell
  12. 50% off Yearly Plan on CDKeys
  13.  25% off Yearly Plan on CDKeys
  14.  20% off Monthly Plan on CDKeys
  15.  For gamers who don’t have time to track down these specials, CDKeys has an offer that can save you up to 75%.
  16.  CD Keys offers a lifetime subscription for just $69!
  17.  These subscriptions work internationally, so if you’re planning on visiting the US anytime soon then this is the perfect time to pick one up!
  18.  There are plenty of reasons why paying full price for your PS Plus membership would be a bad idea – whether it’s because you have limited funds or just want to save some money!

2) PS Vita

The PS Vita is a great handheld console that offers a lot of features and games. However, its price tag can be a bit off-putting for some gamers. Luckily, there are some great deals on PS Plus memberships that will help you save money on your purchase. Here are five of the best deals you can find this month:

  1. 12-Month Membership for $39.99
  2. 3-Month Membership for $17.99
  3. 1-Month Membership for $9.99
  4. 14-Day Free Trial
  5. 10% Off Annual Membership with Best Buy Coupon Code BESTBUY10 (New customers only)
  6. 15% Off All Memberships with GOG Coupon Code GOG15 (Existing Customers Only)
  7. 20% Off Annual Membership with Microsoft Store Coupon Code MS20PERCENTOFF (Existing Customers Only) 8. Up to 50% Off Premium Subscriptions with Feral Interactive Promotion Code (New Customers Only)
  8. Free Games Every Month! Get 18 Months of PS Plus at GameStop for $139.99 (Ongoing deal) or 3 Months of PS Plus for $24.99 at Target, which includes one free game download with purchase. There’s also PlayStation Plus discounts available through Walmart’s Marketplace, though they tend to change frequently. Keep an eye out for any additional deals that may pop up as we move into the summer months!

3) PSP

  1. Are you a big fan of PlayStation? If so, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to save money on your favorite console.
  2. Well, we’ve got some great news for you: June is a great month to find cheap PlayStation Plus deals!
  3. In fact, we’ve rounded up five of the best deals we could find, so you can get your gaming fix without breaking the bank.
  4. Check out our top picks below and see for yourself how much you can save!
  5. 1-year subscription for $39.99 (usually $59.99)
  6. 3-month subscription for $17.99 (usually $24.99) 7. 1-month subscription for $4.99 (usually $9.99)
  7. Free download with purchase of select games
  8. Free PlayStation Store gift card with purchase of selected products 10. Exclusive PSN membership for only $19.99 11. 30% off when buying multiple months at once 12. 10% off with PlayStation credit or voucher 13. Full refund within 14 days if not satisfied
  9. Huge selection of exclusive offers every day 15. Different bonuses and discounts every week 16. All these amazing deals are available until September 30th, so don’t miss them!

4) Others

  1. If you’re a fan of Sony’s PlayStation console, then you know that a PlayStation Plus subscription is required to play online multiplayer games.
  2. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get a cheap PlayStation Plus subscription, and we’ve rounded up the best deals below.
  3. One way to get a cheap PlayStation Plus subscription is to sign up for a 12-month plan. This will usually cost around $60, but sometimes you can find deals for even less.
  4. Another way to get a cheap PlayStation Plus subscription is to buy a used or refurbished console that comes with a year-long subscription. This can be a great way to save if you don’t mind buying a console that’s not brand new. 8. Be sure to check out our list of 5 cheap PlayStation Plus deals you can’t miss in June 2022! 1. There are also some great PlayStation Plus bundles on offer that include everything from consoles to games, so they may make a more attractive option than just getting the game service alone.
  5. Here’s an example: one bundle includes the highly rated Uncharted 4 game and an exclusive shirt! But before you decide which option is right for you, it pays to do your research first. PlayStation Plus offers three tiers: PS4 PS3 and PS Vita access. Decide which one suits your needs best before committing to anything. We hope this guide has helped you learn about how to get a cheap PlayStation Plus subscription in the month of June. In case you missed them, here are five cheap PlayStation Plus deals you can’t miss:
  6. Get two years of PlayStation Plus for only $25 ($50 off) by using code E2GMZPPS25 at checkout. Buyer beware: this deal ends soon.
  7. Get a year of PlayStation Plus plus 30 days free at Best Buy with purchase of any PS4 Pro console or Slim 1TB bundle priced over $299 ($45 off). For those looking to get their hands on a DualShock 4 controller separately, Best Buy has two colors available for only $40 each (normally priced at $59). These discounts won’t last long though so act fast!

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