Thu. Jun 20th, 2024
Auto Glass

Keeping auto glass clear of breaks, cracks, and rust is a key aspect of safeguarding the driver. Your windshield has a considerable function of protecting you from debris, providing structure to your vehicle, and ensuring visibility level. 

In this detailed guide, we will discuss the top ten things you should do to keep your auto glass in good condition and to make it last longer. From normal cleaning to preventive actions and timely repairs, these specialist tips will greatly help you keep your windshield in the best possible state.

1 – Don’t Forget to Clean Your Automotive Glass

Regular cleaning is a must to eliminate dust, dirt, and other dirt that can hinder visibility. Apply a non-abrasive quality glass cleaner using a soft microfiber cloth to minimize accidental surface scratching. Be sure to clean both the front and back windows. After you are done, wipe the exterior of your windshield as well.

2 – Search for Scratches and Cracks

Keep an eye on your windscreen by regularly carrying out inspections by using necessary auto glass inspection tools and looking out for any signs of chipping or cracking. Minor damage can compromise the integrity of the structure and ultimately pose a threat to safety. If you see any problems, you better consult a professional for repair or replacement.

3 – Do Not Expose Them to Abrupt Temperature Changes

An extreme, quick change in the temperature of your car windshield will impose extra pressure, consequently paving the way for cracks. Do not park your car in direct sunlight or use hot water to defrost the windshield in the winter. Slowly increase the temperature in your vehicle to not only save the battery but also maintain the functioning of your cooling system.

4 – Use Top-Notch Cleaning Agents

Invest in high-end cleaning agents manufactured specifically for car glass cleaning. Do not use sharp objects, abrasive materials, or ammonia-based cleaners, as these can cause scratches, streaks, or damage to the glass surface.

5 – Park Under the Shaded Areas

When possible, park your car in a shaded area to protect your windshield from the direct sun. The heat can lower the glass’s strength and raise the probability of cracks. 

6 – Bring Worn Wiper Blades for Replacement

Old and damaged wiper blades create cleaning marks on the windshield, limiting visibility. Check them thrice and replace them accordingly to obtain clean and efficient wiping.

7 – Do not Slam the Doors

High-speed doors can be specifically designed to prevent high-force impacts that may lead to cracks in your vehicle’s auto glass pieces. Close the doors softly to reduce the intensity on your windshield.

8 – Protect Your Windshield from Surprise Hailstones and Debris.

While driving, maintain an appropriate distance between yourself and other cars to avoid getting debris on your vehicle from their tires. Rocks, gravel, and other things can damage glass and cause chips or cracks. Utilize mud flaps and avoid following semi-trucks very closely.

9 – Don’t Use Chemicals that will cause Harm to your body/skin.

Some chemicals, such as ammonia or bleach, are harmful to your auto glass. Harsh cleaners can compromise windshield safety and longevity. So, don’t overlook the windshield and settle for gentle, glass-friendly cleansers.

10 – Prompt Chips and Cracks Repair

Whenever you see any chips or cracks on your windshield, take action right away to stop them from spreading. Get hold of a professional auto glass repair service in order to remove any damage before the situation gets worse.

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